Escape Velocity is a business to business product development firm. We work for product manufacturers to design and develop products by providing a range of engineering analysis, project management, manufacturing, and procurement services.

Our current fields of operation are medical device design and development, medical instrumentation, commercial products and smaller scale industrial automation equipment.  When projects require a larger multidisciplinary team, we partner with our consortium of experienced engineers and designers to provide solutions that meet your project requirements.

Our Focus:

  • Product Design and Development
  • Simulation (FEA Analysis)
  • Prototype and Test
  • Design Transfer
  • Small Scale Assembly

Our past projects have a varied scope, industry and skillset. The summaries below will help you to see the types of projects we have worked on in the past. If you are an established business seeking an engineer to design, redesign or evaluate a product, please consider us.

DJO Global turned to Escape Velocity and Sheller Biomedical Innovations to conduct a technical review of their combined magnetic field based Spinalogic device.

Electromagnetic Simulation
Spinalogic Magnetic Field Coverage

For this project Escape Velocity focused on developing CAD models, illustrations, animations and electromagnetic based simulations for the project. While Sheller Biomedical focused on analytical models,data and comparative biomedical research. Working together, our companies provided a broad solution that resulted in a published review paper along with illustrations and animations.

DJO Global: Electromagnetic Device Study
Spinalogic Device Electromagnetics Study

Grand Canyon University leveraged Escape Velocity's design and prototyping capabilities in the development of a robotic hand.

In 2015, GCU kicked off their new engineering program. We were fortunate to be involved with a portion of the curriculum development and laboratory layouts. In addition to curriculm development, we designed and developed a robotic hand kit for an introduction to engineering course.

Robotic Hand Kit
Robotic Hand Kit

For the robotic hand kit project, the goal was to develop a kit that would introduce first semester engineering students to some of the elements of mechanical, electrical, and biomedical engineering. In consultation with GCU, we determined that a robotic hand would be interesting and would encompass a decently broad spectrum of engineering disciplines. The final design consisted of a sheet metal based hand with a lead screw based linear actuator, a solderless breadboard, and PIC microcontroller based control system. Overall, the first year was successful.

Having identified areas of improvement during the first year, in 2016 Escape Velocity is rolling out the second version of the robotic hand kits. The new kits feature improved control software and a redesigned linear actuator that utilizes 3D printed components. We are looking forward to seeing how they turn out.

GCU: Robotic Hand and Collaboration
Robotic Hand

Case Studies: The above articles are only a part of the various projects that we've completed over the years. Throughout the year, we will be updating our site to include a section of case studies. We believe that presenting our past work and thoroughly demonstrating our capabilities, will help you to feel confident in our work.

Additional project summaries coming soon...

Automated Ice Bagging Machine
Automated Ice Bagging Machine
Bag Loading Module
Bag Loading Module
Optical Probe Positioning Module
Optical Probe Positioning Module